You are now in your own private and luxury resort.

The villa is located in the northern part of Jamaica and faces the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. It was recently renovated and decorated and it is now the perfect accommodation for your relaxing and fancy holidays. Aquamarina Villa has all you could dream of when you think about The Caribbean: a private beach, white sand, blue water, palms, a pool, lush gardens and staff at your disposal.

There is a large upstairs verandah with a spectacular view of the emerald sea, where you can enjoy your early morning coffee and a glass of sparkly wine at night. The beautiful tropical sunsets during the evening are something you cannot miss in Jamaica, and the verandah of the villa seems to be built just for that purpose.

Aquamarina Villa is no ordinary villa.

There are 5 bedrooms with their 5 private bathrooms, in a perfect modern-elegant style. The spacious and fancy inside living area of this 6,000 sq. ft. villa is located upstairs as you enter. Take the iron spiral stair case downstairs to the inside formal dining room & bar area which then leads to fresh breezes on the outside pool patio. The French doors open out from the dining room to the downstairs verandah for outdoor dining, to the large pool deck with its commanding view of the sea.

From the pool deck, sixty-nine easy steps take you to the seaside one, built over the clear emerald waters of the Caribbean. Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed off your own private white sandy beach in a sheltered cove. You also have an ocean-side thatched roof gazebo, that makes the final panorama even more charming. The beach is well equipped with a shower facility and comfortable deck chairs, that seem to whisper to you ear to come closer, lay down, relax and order a mojito.

What’s better than a satisfying workout session with a view on the Caribbean Sea?

The fully equipped gym is also at sea level. You don’t need to abandon your healthy routine just because you’re on holiday. We took care of everything: we provided modern and professional exercise bikes, treadmills, barbells, dumbbells and much more.

If you’re more into dynamic and team sports, a private lit tennis court can be found at the front gate as you enter, along with a basketball hoop. You can challenge your family and friends before a refreshing dip in the pool!

Beautiful lush gardens surround the villa, making the environment safe, quiet and secluded from the world outside. The surroundings are perfect for leisurely walks. When in season you can also enjoy some fruits from our garden: banana, breadfruit, mango, avocado, orange, ackee, soursop and sweetsop.

Table tennis, kayaks, paddle boards and board games plus a small library of books provide further options for an activity filled vacation.