Ocho Rios and the Caribbean flourishing nature

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May 24, 2022
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Aquamarina Villa
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If you are planning to spend your holidays in Jamaica, you definitely can’t miss the flourishing nature of the island.

The country is located in the Caribbean Sea, South-East from Cuba, and it belongs to the Greater Antilles. Its climate is tropical, with hot and very humid weather, therefore it supports diverse ecosystems with a wealth of plants and animals.

During you trip you will be able to discover the lushy wildlife of Jamaica with your own eyes. There is every sort of landscape: the emerald sea, with its white-sand beaches, palms, fresh water; the remote and uncontaminated mountains, with peaks’ height over 2.000 meters; the jungle, that is to say the tropical landscape par excellence, where you can lose yourself among flourishing trees and marvelous, colorful flowers. And then hills, rivers, breathtaking waterfalls…

And so on and so forth. The trip to Jamaica can definitely be an adventurous, exciting one in contact with Mother Nature.

Our piece of advice? Make a stop at Ocho Rios, which happens to be just nearby your accommodation – the stunning Aquamarina Villa. You will truly need just 10 minutes driving to reach this paradise on Earth! Ocho Rios is a magical place that includes many of the abovementioned landscapes: heavenly beaches with crystal clear water and plenty of lushy vegetation, rivers and waterfalls to discover and to enjoy. Here lies the quintessential elements that make the Caribbean just the perfect travel destination.

The Spanish name of the place, Ocho Rios, means Eight Rivers, which represents the many rivers of the area that gently flows into the Caribbean Sea. Formerly a fishermen village, it experienced a rapid and explosive growth in the last decade, becoming a popular tourist destination, full of attractions and adventures. It is actually known as Ochi, by locals.

Let’s have a look at the experiences available there. There is one for everyone, so don’t panic if you’re traveling with your kids, or even with your lazy friends! Ocho Rios offers a great variety of adventures that anyone can enjoy, while still being surrounded by nature.

Among the most loved ones, swimming with the dolphins is surely in the top five. It is probably something that all of us have dreamt at least once in our life! In Ocho Rios you have the chance to swim with them, touch them, feed them and also find out many facts and curiosities about this amazing animal, how they live and how they interact with other living beings. Not only dolphins: you can snorkel among sharks and rays, too! Thrilling, right?

Trekking lovers out there, don’t miss this one! In fact, in Ocho Rios there is also the chance to experience some amazing trekking, climbing up the Dunn’s River Falls, a Jamaica national treasure; geology enthusiasts will also particularly love this scenario, thanks to the unique cascades and rock formation. Here you can get on top of the 960 feet tall rocks, where you can enjoy the view from a new perspective and also take a dip in the many pools you find along the way. Moreover, after climbing you can experience a thrilling zipline ride: it will take you back down running among the lush trees and foliage of the forest.

Another place you definitely have to visit is the Blue Hole. Calling it Heaven is probably reductive! It is now a popular spot, due to its astonishing beauty, and it deserves it all: the Blue Hole is a blue pool surrounded by the lushy rainforest, and there you have the opportunity to swim, dive and swing off ropes 10 feet in the air, right into the water.

So, what’s left to say. Do yourself a favor and go visit Ocho Rios!